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CMI Central Medical Foundation is

a not-for-profit medical corporation incorporated society of medical and disease prevention efforts for a healthy
society and the configuration of the health care industry research and development in medical research and occupational disease prevention through environmental improvement remains committed to the flagship for the purpose of managing has been established.

CMI comprehensive medical center with more than 20 years of accumulated know-how and experience to meet the five senses are committed to the best medical care. Medical Service of the Central Medical Foundation is a not-for-profit health care corporation CMI disease prevention and healthy communities in our society trying to configure, and health care through research and development, and improve the work environment remains committed to the management of occupational disease prevention purposes, the flagship. Disease-free healthy life, rich and happy healthy 100 years old and will come with the CMI.

Customer first

◆ Customer satisfaction is our pursuit of customer's perspective.
◆ Best with the latest medical equipment and medical services
◆ Proposed screening items personalized

Quality service

◆ Ensure thorough expertise through quality control.
◆ The systematic management of service oriented professional team post.
◆ Double, and triple output more accurate results in the retest.

Build state-of-the-art equipment

◆ The introduction of the best medical equipment in pursuit of investment principles.
◆ Best Full DR-PACS image data obtained through the establishment and early detection of dis